It was at the end of August 2017 that a man in his 50s got stuck in a machine in one of the workshops in Södertälje and later died in hospital as a result of the injuries.

The case was initially investigated as a work environment violation, but that preliminary investigation was closed when the prosecutor could not see that the employer Scania had acted carelessly.

On Wednesday, instead, the verdict fell against the colleague who started the machine. The man, who is in his 60s, is convicted of neglecting to the death of another with the conditional sentence.

- It is nice that the process has come to an end and that everyone involved can look ahead. Otherwise we have a policy of not commenting on individual issues, but since there is a great public interest I can say that this is about a person who has a spotless trust, he will have his employment left but has been relocated on his own request and supported by both work colleagues and the company, says Scania press spokesman Hans-Åke Danielsson.

In the clip above, Scania's press spokesman Hans-Åke Danielsson talks about how to handle the verdict, how to support the convicted man and what lessons learned from the incident.