President Trump criticizes Mr. Bolton who was dismissed "She made a big mistake" September 12, 6:56


US President Trump has criticized the dismissed President Bolton for making a major mistake to bring back the negotiations by bringing a “Libyan method” to urge North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons first. So, it has been clarified that the succession is being narrowed down to five people for succession.

President Trump pointed out about the dismissal of President Bolton on the 11th that he made a big mistake to bring a Libyan approach to North Korea ’s nuclear issue.

The Libyan approach is based on the idea that the weapons of mass destruction were once abandoned in Libya in North Africa. The Libya approach first urged the abandonment of nuclear weapons, and then paid off in response to the cancellation of sanctions.

President Trump said that North Korea rebounded that Mr. Bolton brought this method, and that negotiations had greatly retreated, “I do not intend to blame Kim Jong-un, the chairman. I shouldn't have said that, ”he criticized Bolton.

On the other hand, President Trump said, “Let's see what happens. We want to be able to make a deal” about the possibility of mitigation of economic sanctions on Iran, which is noticed by the dismissal of hard-lined Bolton. did.

In addition, President Trump will announce next week after clarifying that there are five highly praised candidates.

The presidential advisor in charge of security is an important post that is a key part of foreign policy and security policy, and President Trump is looking at the presidential election next year and looking for diplomatic results, who is appointed as the successor The