“Had access to intelligence data?” No, I can’t confirm this. For several years, he definitely worked, ”Peskov said, answering a question about Smolenkov’s work in the office of the assistant to the head of Russia Yuri Ushakov and access to secret data.

The spokesman also added that the Kremlin does not know if Oleg Smolenkov was an agent of the CIA.

“As for working under the nose of someone with foreign spies, let me leave this without comment. In this case, I state that there was such an employee, he was fired, and he was a spy - he was not a spy, we don’t know. This is a matter of special services. They are doing their job, ”stressed Peskov.

Peskov said earlier that Oleg Smolenkov, who is called the American spy in the media, worked in the Kremlin’s administration, but was fired several years ago