Prime Minister Hatsu Cabinet “Creating a pride of“ Ryowa Japan ”” September 11, 21:41

After the establishment of the Fourth Abe Second Reform Cabinet, the first cabinet meeting was held, and Prime Minister Abe said, “With the strong determination to open up a proud“ Ryowa Japan ” We will push forward, ”and instructed the government to make every effort to promote the policy.

Among them, Prime Minister Abe said, “It is strong to open up the proud“ Ryowa Japan ”full of hope by developing a strong diplomacy to confront the declining birthrate and aging population, the biggest issue, and to secure the national interest. Based on this determination, I will push forward with the government's collective efforts to push forward with the policy. ”

At the first cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Abe's discourse and basic policy were decided. Among them, the Prime Minister's discourse stated that `` As a response to the declining birthrate and aging population, all social security systems that all generations can feel secure in anticipation of the era of 100 years of life. We will continue to promote reform to

The basic policy includes recovery from the Kumamoto Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, further accelerating the regeneration of Fukushima, growing the economy with cutting-edge innovation, and aiming for GDP = 600 trillion yen in gross domestic product. It is.

On the other hand, in the first cabinet meeting, as the temporary representative of the Prime Minister, 1st is Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aso, 2nd is Secretary of the Secretary of Secretary, 3rd is Foreign Minister Mogi, 4th is Prime Minister Takaichi, and 5 is Defense I decided to be a minister.