The 74-year-old Indian pyramate Pangamya Twins has been curious to reveal world birth records that have grabbed people's attention and turned from normal births to news to the forefront of newspapers and the media.

The French site LCI published a list in the indexes related to the youngest and oldest child, and published news about a child born with teeth and a mother born at the age of 74, in addition to other strange births.

The youngest living child
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A female baby girl born before her normal birth in December weighs 245 grams and is less than 23 centimeters tall, a US hospital said in December.

Al-Saghira was placed in care until she arrived at her parents' home in mid-May in good health, weighing about 2.3 kg, after five months in intensive care.

The baby, according to the record of the youngest children in the world held by the American University of Iowa, broke the world record held by a child born in Germany in 2015, weighing an additional 7 grams above her weight.

The largest baby
In 2017, a Vietnamese woman was shocked to learn that the weight of the baby she gave birth to was 7.1 kilograms. “When the doctor told me my baby weighed 7.1 kilograms, we couldn't believe it,” she said. Would be about five kilos.

Despite the child's weight, the Guinness Book of World Records has remained stable since 1955, after an Italian woman near Naples gave birth to a 10.2 kilogram child.

12-year-old baby
Teeth do not usually appear in children until about six months of age, and some may be born at one or two, but Sen. Ken Kenny was born in 1990 in the United Kingdom at 12, prompting surgeons to remove them to avoid feeding problems.

Three days of birth
The site reported that the longest time between the birth of twins was 66 hours and 50 minutes, and occurred at the birth of triplets in 1956 in South Carolina in the birth of three days.

Little Christine took her nose - her first - at 3 am on January 2, 1956, followed by Catherine at 10 am the following day, while Calvin was born at 9:55 am on January 4.

Mother of eight babies
Nadia Suleiman, who had six children in January 2009, suddenly became a mother of 14, after the birth of eight twins by caesarean section at a maternity hospital in California in the United States, after a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization.

Nadia Suleiman has since been known as the Octopus around the world, having announced that all her children are in very good condition, becoming the first mother of eight babies in the world.

The biggest father
A man from India became the world's biggest father when he received his eldest son in 2010 at the age of 94, before another 96-year-old Indian in 2012 broke his record with the birth of his second child from his 51-year-old wife.

The biggest mother
BERAMATI, India (AP) - The world's oldest 74-year-old woman gave birth to twins on September 4 from her 80-year-old husband after in vitro fertilization, according to CNN.

Pangamiya, who had not previously given birth, broke the previous record of another Indian born at the age of 72.