A large fire broke out on Wednesday evening in an apartment house on Rudolf Steinerstraat in Haarlem. The fire brigade has evacuated 48 homes in the apartment building as a precaution.

The fire started on the second floor. The four floors above and the houses next to it had to be evacuated. There is a lot of smoke development. As far as we know there are no victims. It is still unclear where the evacuated residents will be taken care of.

The fire spreads out both at the front and the back of the house, the spokesperson said. The smoke development is huge. The fire department with several units present to extinguish the fire.

Some ambulances are ready in case there are still injuries. As a precaution, a trauma helicopter has also been deployed.

The cause is also still unclear. There are rumors that the fire was preceded by an explosion, but that cannot yet be confirmed by the Security Region.


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