Iran “There is no room for dialogue as long as sanctions continue”. US assistant Bolton dismissal was 6:14 on September 12


A senior Iranian government official said, `` There is no room for dialogue as long as sanctions continue '', while the view that the US assistant to the Bolton, known for his hard-line attitude to Iran, was dismissed and the United States strengthened the dialogue line , At the moment, he showed that there was no environment to talk with the American side.

The view that the Trump administration will strengthen the dialogue route including the summit meeting with Iran in the future, as President Trump of the United States dismissed the hard-line assistant Bolton President who emphasized pressure on Iran Is also out.

Under such circumstances, UN Ambassador Lavanti said to the news agency on the 11th, “As long as the United States continues repressive sanctions and economic terrorism against Iranians, there is no room for dialogue and negotiations. , He showed that the environment for dialogue with the American side was not in place.

President Rouhani also said in a cabinet meeting, “If the enemy keeps the maximum pressure, it will only resist. The United States must stop the maximum pressure,” promptly sanctions Iran against the United States. I asked you to release it.

It seems that Iran wants to emphasize the attitude that does not respond easily to the dialogue with the United States, and draw concrete responses such as the lifting of sanctions from the Trump administration after Mr. Bolton left.

President Rouhani “Negotiation in the course of sanctions is meaningless”

According to the Iranian Presidential Office, President Rouhani met on the phone with French President Macron on the 11th. In this, President Rouhani said, “For the Iranian government, the parliament, and the people, it is meaningless to negotiate as American sanctions continue.” I emphasize again.