The Fujairah Emirate National Electoral Commission (FNC), an affiliate of the National Elections Commission (NEC), has set up a promotional platform at City Center Fujairah Shopping Center to introduce the FNC 2019 elections.

The Chairman of the Fujairah Emirate Committee, Major General Mohammed Ahmed bin Ghanim Al Kaabi, said that the establishment of a platform in «City Center Fujairah Shopping», is an ideal opportunity for the Committee to promote and publicize the elections of the Federal National Council through a direct meeting with visitors, and answer any queries related to the electoral process, and provide a tablet It enables the visitor to verify his name in the Electoral College, in addition to the distribution of introductory brochures including the executive instructions and the guide of the voter and the candidate, pointing out that the media plan of the Commission puts at the center of its priorities to educate citizens of the critical importance of their participation in this national wedding, Of their right to vote or to run for the elections of the Federal National Council.