In particular, three sources in the White House told the channel that Brian Hook, the US State Department’s special envoy for Iran, was being considered as Bolton’s possible successor.

In addition, the names of the former First Deputy Bolton, retired Major General Ricky Weddell, as well as US Special Representative for the DPRK and Russian Specialist Stephen Bigan are called.

The candidate list also includes White House National Security Specialist Rob Blair, National Security Advisor to Vice President of the United States Keith Kellogg, US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoxtra, retired general Jack Keane, former head of the National Council White House Security Fred Fitz.

According to some reports, Trump is also considering retiring colonel Douglas McGregor, who serves as a national security expert on Fox News.

Earlier it was reported that Charlie Kapperman will become Acting Advisor to the US President on National Security.

Trump explained his decision to dismiss Bolton by disagreeing with him on many issues.