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Boris Johnson could be forced by the Supreme Court to reopen Parliament just a week after closing it , sources from his government admitted yesterday. The Prime Minister, who yesterday saw how the High Court of Scotland declared "illegal" his decision to close until October 14 , now awaits the final verdict, which will be known from next Tuesday, September 17, day in that the emergency view is fixed.

The High Court of Scotland ruled on Wednesday that the suspension of the British Parliament for five weeks, the longest period since World War II, is illegal because "it has the improper purpose of hindering Parliament's task" , so "the Court will give the order to declare the advice of the prime minister to the Queen and the consequent extension that took place accordingly as illegal, null and void. "

The decision, which has already been appealed by the Government, will be brought before the Supreme Court after the same case has been rejected in an English court , where the lawsuit filed by activist Gina Miller and former Prime Minister John Major has failed. on his first try. That is why the highest court of British Justice will have to make a final decision next Tuesday, which, as they admit on Downing Street, would force Westminster to reopen early . "We have absolute respect for judicial independence," a spokesman was forced to acknowledge in the face of pressure on whether they would comply with the decision.

From the Government, where they insist that they are "disappointed by the decision that has been taken," they say that the country "needs to launch a strong domestic legislative agenda, and the parliamentary extension is the real and necessary way to achieve it." Therefore, and waiting to be forced into it, they do not plan to reopen the chamber immediately, as requested by the opposition, so the reopening could coincide with the closure by conferences of the different parties.

In fact, more than 40 deputies appeared on Wednesday in Parliament as a form of protest and claiming that until the Supreme Court said otherwise they had the right and obligation to continue with the parliamentary activity after the extension had been declared illegal . However, their defenders cling to the decision of the three English magistrates, who say that although the suspension is motivated by the desire to achieve "political profit" it is still legal, so the judiciary should not "interfere." And all this, in the process of Brexit.

The British Parliament closed late last night between protests and shouts of "Shame!" directed towards the conservative deputies who left the chamber, and it is not expected to resume its activity until next October 14. Even so, and despite the fact that the opposition has made great progress in its goal of avoiding an exit without agreement, in the United Kingdom there has been talk of a "coup d'etat" on this issue, so it would be a great victory for Johnson's detractors if they manage to sit in Westminster ahead of schedule.

The government of the recent prime minister does not stop to accumulate defeats and skids, such as that of one of his representatives, who assured The Sun that "activists have chosen the Scottish courts for a reason," something that Scotland's chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon has described it as "painful, pathetic and desperate . " In fact, it was in them where those same 78 deputies who filed the lawsuit received their first defeat, the same that if not repeated in the Supreme Court would be rewriting the unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom.

" What I think this shows is that if you, as a Government, do something scandalous enough , and politically the extension is, what you do is tempt the judges to push the limits, and in the end from the outside that is what what the Scottish magistrates seem to have done, "explains Lord Sumption, a former Supreme Court judge. "It is a political problem and not legal, so it can only be solved politically. I do not want to make predictions, but if they were given the reason about it being illegal then really significant changes would be made in the correct understanding of our constitution ".

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