The wage increase for 2020 is larger than the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) expected. This is apparent from a calculation by the employers' association AWVN, which investigated the multi-year collective agreements concluded for the coming year on behalf of Het Financieele Dagblad ( FD ).

The CPB foresaw an average wage increase of 2.5 percent in the market sector, while the long-term collective wage agreements in that sector show that this is 3.3 percent.

However, the researchers have the comment that a large part of the collective labor agreements for 2020 have not yet been concluded. So far, agreements have been made that apply to 641,000 employees, out of a total of 3.4 million people in the market sector.

The recently concluded collective labor agreement for the metal and engineering sector has also raised the average considerably. A wage increase of no less than 4.96 percent was achieved for 200,000 employees. "By the way, collective bargaining negotiators always look at the results at the other negotiating tables and the result in the metal elsewhere can boost the wages elsewhere," according to the FD .

The researchers expect that the average CLA development will eventually come to around 3 percent wage increase.