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Seven million four hundred fifty thousand Catalans declined to attend the demonstration called by the nationalists on Wednesday. The figure is significantly higher than other calls. I sensed the avalanche since I saw that those who came out this year went with the second kit, a turquoise Caribbean shirt. There are millions of Catalans who have never participated in the Diada and never will. Its visibility has been almost nil in these last forty years. Only on October 8, 2017 many of them stepped on the street for the first time wishing it was the last. This is the other half of Catalonia and the main reason that unilateral independence - unilateral means not only outside the State, but also outside half of the Catalans - has failed.

From the Transition a complete arsenal of lies was projected on that half of the citizens. His cold exam is overwhelming, forty years later. This lie, for starters, of September 11. No historian, no politician, no minimum interest, has data to deny that that day a civil war between Spaniards and a civil war between Catalans ended. Of course, three hundred years later, with the iPhone XI on the street, one can choose his side. One can even commemorate his fate unilaterally. This is what Francisco Franco did every July 18: celebrate a civil war. The fact that it is a civil war does not impede, in purity, the celebration. Although it forces some dissimulation. And the main one, which is to mask the unilateral nature of the celebration and turn a civil war into a patriotic war. This is what Franco did with his invention of Antispaña. This is the case when it was decreed that September 11 be the gloomy and resilient party of all Catalans. And no, look: if all Catalans have to celebrate September 11, let them know that you go with Felipe V. If only because we win. This civil discrepancy is, on the other hand, fiercely Spanish. Many of those in Madrid, breakwaters, tear their clothes because in Catalonia there is a national holiday that pleases only a part of the population deliberately ignores that on October 12 there are a large number of Spaniards who go with the Indians.

Almost no one knew in the Transition what had happened on September 11. There were isolated complaints, it is true, but not precisely because of the manipulation of history. What bothered a few is that a defeat was commemorated: it is rare in nations. But the complaint only legitimized the story: even the most satisfied Spaniards could be with the Bourbon result confirmed that it was a defeat. But even they wondered who or what. It was admitted that the Diada was a party played on the usual mythical background of these ceremonies. Because in reality, and this is the key, nobody imagined to what extent the myth was going to organize future coexistence in Catalonia.

A lie with greater consequences was that of the tongue. Catalan is Catalonia's own language, it was said, tracing the fatal split between Catalonia and the Catalans. In his acceptance there was good faith on the part of the other half. He agreed to organize a bilingual community. And this was done even with linguistic immersion, which deprived citizens of an elementary political right such as educating their children in the official language of the State. The immersion tried to balance a real situation, based on the scarce presence of Catalan in the media, in books, in shows, etc. Without immersion there would be no bilingualism, it was said and signed. But the seminal lie about the character of Catalan ended up consolidating an offensive sentence: that the Castilian could not be, in the end, the language of any Catalan.

The third lie, and last one that I will quote here, affected the supposed unitary character of the Catalan community. A poble sun , he told himself from the beginning. The other half came to the invitation. Not without some misgivings, the charnegos, because a soft xenophobia always perfumed the Catalan terra with a slight smell of rotten eggs, even though the nationalists said it was just a pinord . The other half was reassured, above all, one of the messages that nationalism spread most insistently: we will never do anything that involves a social fracture. The message that supposes the maximum level of betrayal of citizenship that nationalism has reached.

The Death can be explained simply by saying that the nationalists took their lies too far. There came a time when the State could not tolerate them. But, decisively, the other half could not either: it is surprising that the nationalists had not learned that you cannot go Against Catalonia . Therefore it seems logical that the absence of citizens in the streets overflowed yesterday all forecasts. Although after two days of rains, the afternoon had been bright, dry and clean; Although Judge Marchena still sharpens the last points of his pencil and although there had never been a more non-existent government in the State, the other half was imposed.

This year a new boycott of Catalan cava is announced. The novelty is that it is promoted by Catalans. It is a correct identification of the problem.

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