A 28-year-old man called 091 last Sunday to ask the police for help after allegedly raping a 20-year-old girl because her friends wanted to hit her, police sources told Europa Press and Abc has advanced.

The events began early Sunday, specifically around 3.30. The alleged rapist and the victim, who were with their respective friends, met at a place in the Moncloa drinking area . Then both went to the street and, according to the version of the girl, the man sexually assaulted her next to a car parked in the street Hilarión Eslava number 44.

At one point, the young woman managed to flee to the race and went to look for her friends, while the alleged aggressor returned to the disco with complete tranquility. Upon learning what happened, the victim's friends went to look for him with the intention of paying him and the alleged rapist, frightened, called 091 informing him of what happened.

It was already 5 in the morning. To the place came a patrol of Citizen Security of the National Police, which arrested the alleged sex offender in an advanced state of drunkenness . The Family and Women Unit of the Higher Headquarters of the Madrid Police (UFAM), which investigates the case, made a statement to the young woman.

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