Gas extraction in Groningen will be terminated as early as 2022, instead of 2030. Gas extraction will be reduced to below 12 billion cubic meters for the coming year. Minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs and Climate) reports Tuesday.

Gas extraction of 12 billion cubic meters is generally regarded as safe.

The House of Representatives called on Minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs and Climate) to fall below this level as soon as possible after the State Supervision of Mines (SSM) supervisor had advised this.

The discussion about gas extraction became more acute after the earthquake in Westerwijtwerd in Groningen with a magnitude of 3.4.

Wiebes announced that it would be difficult to get the coming gas year, which runs from October 2019 to October 2020, below 12 billion cubic meters, but has now found a way.

In the original planning, 16 billion cubic meters would be won under Groningen.


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