Today, at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, at 10 am local time (5 pm GMT), the Apple Special Event as it is called, or the iPhone Event as it is known by the media, To launch new phones in it every year.

Here is the highlights of what is expected to be revealed by Apple in this event, as well as how to follow it directly.

New iphone 3 phones
The American company is preparing to unveil three versions of the iPhone are "iPhone 11" and "iPhone 11 Pro" and "iPhone 11 Max", according to most leaks and rumors.

It is expected that Apple will provide these phones with better cameras, faster processors, and the new operating system iOS 13.

Apple Watch 5
There is a possibility that Apple will unveil the fifth generation of its smart watch during the conference as happened last year, but in return may be confined to the announcement of the new aspects of watches made of titanium and ceramics for the watches announced by Apple recently.

IOS 13
Apple is set to announce when it will launch the new version of its smart device operating system, which, according to many reports, features faster application loading, support for iPhone's dark mode to provide a comfortable eye background, and the QuickPath option to type faster on the keyboard.

In addition, dozens of new features and other enhancements to the Siri Maps and Voice Assistant will make it sound more real, memoji, and more.

New AirPods
According to Bloomberg, Apple may unveil new versions of its AirPods, which will include new enhancements and functions such as noise insulation and a better new standard for water resistance.

New MacBook Pro
Apple has never unveiled a new MacBook Pro at the September event, but it may change the routine at this conference after the MacBook family has been criticized for manufacturing problems and may reveal a 16-inch device according to some reports.

New operating systems
The company is expected to announce a new version of the operating system of the device "Apple TV" is "TVOS 13", as well as a new operating system for Mac computers "MacOS Catalina", and a new operating system for its smart watch is "WatchOS 6 ", and another for the iPad tablet that will operate its own system," iPad OS 13 ".

Apple home page dedicated to streaming the event (Apple)

How to watch your Apple event live online
As always, the event can be watched live by visiting Apple's website, but this year the company has made it easier to follow the event than ever by streaming it live on YouTube, so that users of both iPhone and Android can follow it on their smart devices. For convenience, readers can follow it directly from this page.

If you want to watch the event on your TV, you can use Airplay to stream the event to your Apple TV or use Google Chrome and ChromeCast to do the same.