Donald Trump dismisses security advisor John Bolton - page 1

Donald Trump no longer wants to work with his national security adviser John Bolton. Just like many in the government, he had disagreed with Bolton on many issues, the US president wrote on Twitter. He had therefore asked his advisor for his resignation. This had submitted him this morning.

I know John Bolton is not any longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as others in the administration, and therefore ....

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 10, 2019

.... I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I want to be a new National Security Advisor next week.

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 10, 2019

Bolton disagreed with this presentation. Also on Twitter, he wrote that he had offered to resign on Monday night. The President then said, "Let's talk about it tomorrow."

I offered to resign and President Trump said, "Let's talk about it tomorrow."

- John Bolton (@ AmbBohnton) September 10, 2019

Just before Trump's tweets, the White House announced that Bolton would appear before the press in his role as National Security Advisor along with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Bolton served as National Security Advisor at the White House since the spring of 2018. He was considered a foreign policy hardliner in the government, especially with regard to the actions of the US government with Iran.