A Russian informant for the US with direct contact to President Vladimir Putin is said to have been withdrawn according to US media reports in 2017. The US foreign intelligence service CIA had brought the Moscow spy out of the country because he threatened to be exposed. The controversial treatment of US President Donald Trump and his government with intelligence information led to the withdrawal of the agent, the CNN reported , citing unnamed persons. For more than ten years, the informant Washington has provided important insights.

His information has led to significant US intelligence conclusions that Putin ordered Moscow's interference in the 2016 US election campaign, the New York Times wrote . The withdrawal of the top informant is therefore also in view of the upcoming US presidential campaign a loss. Putin, himself a former intelligence officer, had repeatedly explicitly denied allegations of interference.

The decision to withdraw was made after a meeting between Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the White House, wrote CNN. Newspapers reported that Trump had revealed sensitive intelligence information during the conversation. For the CIA, although this was not directly related to the agent, it had raised concerns and eventually led to a withdrawal. The CIA and the White House officially disagreed with the station's presentation.

According to the New York Times, the informant had access to high-level decisions by the Russian government and regular contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He did not belong to Putin's closest circle. Sources of the paper rejected guesses that Trump's handling of secret information led to the withdrawal. Rather, speculation in US media would endanger the informant.

According to CNN , the Moscow informant sometimes provided pictures of documents on Putin's desk. Neither his identity nor his whereabouts are known, the reports said.

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