About 600 travelers were stuck for three hours on Tuesday in a stranded Intercity Direct train between Breda and Rotterdam. An NS spokesperson reports that the train is on its way to Rotterdam at 7.30 p.m.

The train came to a halt due to as yet unknown reason. This happened according to the spokesperson in a place that is difficult to reach.

As usual, an attempt was first made to carry out a repair, but because this was unsuccessful, options for evacuation with buses or a tow train were considered.

"Everything was put in place to evacuate the passengers, but it turned out to be possible to have the train travel to Rotterdam," said the NS spokesperson. The spokesperson cannot tell why the train was running later.

The Dutch Railways are investigating the circumstances of the incident. They also look at why it was that the travelers had to wait three hours. "That is very annoying and certainly not the intention."

The victims can request their money back via the NS website, the spokesperson said. This also applies to the Intercity Direct supplement that is mandatory between Schiphol and Rotterdam.


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