The two men who were shot in Nacka are alive but are still seriously injured, according to the latest information from the police.

- That information I got to me an hour ago. That they are still seriously injured, says Ola Österling, spokesperson for the Stockholm Police at lunchtime on Tuesday.

Neither the hospital nor the police want to go into what damage the victims have received after being shot. Of all the judgments, the two victims should not have been the target of the perpetrators.

This has happened

It was during Sunday evening that one or more people opened fire in the middle of a residential area in Nacka, and two people were accidentally hit by bullets from an automatic weapon. Witnesses have said they heard up to 20 shots being fired. A person who was in an apartment on the third floor, probably on his balcony, was hit by the Scots. Another person, a taxi driver, was hit by the shots outside the staircase to the home. The police theory is that the incident has links to the shooting where 18-year-old Ndella Jack died in Råcksta at the end of August.

Witness saw two perpetrators run

An accommodation that SVT News Stockholm talked to testified that two perpetrators fled the scene after the shooting in Nacka, into a car. These people are still at large. The police said at a press conference on Monday afternoon that they understand the public's concern with the recent shootings, in which innocents have been hit in current gang conflicts.