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The headquarters of the French newspaper "Le Monde" in Paris. FRED DUFOUR / AFP

It's a small earthquake in the French press. More than 460 journalists from the World publish on Tuesday, September 10, an open letter to one of their shareholders, the Czech industrialist Daniel Kretinsky. They demand respect for their editorial independence. This is the latest episode of a shareholder battle, in the prestigious French daily newspaper.

The platform is entitled " We, Journalists of the World", and even the director of the newspaper signed it. This is to say if the anxiety is great in the evening newspaper, which refers in the French press.

The employees claim a right of approval, a right of inspection to approve or reject the arrival of the capital of a new major shareholder.

In their viewfinder, Daniel Kretinsky. One year ago, the Czech manufacturer bought back 49% of the shares held by the banker Matthieu Pigasse , one of the world's leading shareholders .

For the first time in the history of the newspaper, write the journalists, this purchase was made without the approval of the pole of independence, which holds a quarter of the capital, and which is supposed to guarantee the editorial freedom of the "World" .

Xavier Niel, the other majority shareholder, has agreed to the license fee demanded by journalists. Journalists who now demand that Daniel Kretinsky and Matthieu Pigasse, his partner, do the same.

" Support journalism and democracy "

In France, the industrialist, fifth Czech fortune, has recently invested in the press ( Marianne , Elle , among others), but also in two coal-fired power plants and Casino supermarkets.

By entering the capital of the World , the businessman said he wanted to " support journalism (...) and democracy ." Journalists are now asking him to translate his word into action.