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The sixth section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña has settled the controversy raised in recent hours following the announcement of The Ana Rosa Program , Telecinco, that they would broadcast a video with the reconstruction of Diana Quer's crime. The father of the murdered young woman, Juan Carlos Quer , asked the television network not to broadcast the video and asked the court to judge the case that investigated the leak of the audiovisual document, a test that will go to trial. Now, the Hearing prohibits that disclosure.

The court has issued a car in which it agrees to prohibit the dissemination by the media, in whole or in fragments, of the video of the recording of the reconstruction of facts, a test carried out during the investigation of the death of the young woman from Pozuelo de Alarcón , whose body appeared at the bottom of a well in an abandoned ship in the place of Asados , in Rianxo (A Coruña), 500 days after its disappearance.

The Hearing justifies that "the restriction of the publicity" of this procedure is justified to preserve the impartiality of the jury candidates, as a popular jury will judge this case from October 29 with a single defendant, José Enrique Abuín Gey, known as The Chewing Gum .

The magistrate president of the court, Ángel Pantín , has taken this decision after the request of the lawyers of the family of Diana Quer to suspend the broadcast of the video. The defense and the Prosecutor's Office have also joined this petition.

The president of the court considers that the eventual premature exposure of the candidates to be part of that jury to contents that they should not know until the act of trial involves "a risk to their impartiality and lack of prejudice." He adds that the danger that derives from this early contact with a test is greater - "it becomes more acute" - when this material is spread outside the scope of a trial.

The order insists on the "eventual, and not improbable" dissemination of the evidence in a "segmented and non-integral" manner and the equally probable dissemination of it in an environment of comments, explanations or assessments, express or implied, that may "affect negatively to the conditions for the due development of the function legally attributed to the jurors. "

The magistrate considers it unnecessary to clarify which parts of the video affect the dignity or privacy of the victims a clarification requested by the private prosecution, exercised by the family of Diana Quer, which referred specifically to the recreation of the event with a dummy, "which it makes the images result in certain moments of certain crudeness and hardship. "

In this regard, the judge clarifies that his decision is due to a restriction of his "massive and indiscriminate" advertising, hence he does not clarify anything concrete in relation to the use of that dummy.

Juan Carlos Quer brought the issue before the Provincial Court after announcing, in statements by Ana Rosa's own program by telephone, that he would pursue "by all possible means" the origin of that leak and insist that it is an "essential test ", that the jury is being constituted and that the one who has to see the content is the court and not the public.

"The right to the truth cannot be above the right to self-defense," he said, and thanked the "ethical reaction" of the program, which finally decided not to disseminate the video, so as not to harm the development of oral vision and that this process does not become a "television show", because Diana "is not an event page".

The young woman's mother, Diana López Pinel , also intervened by telephone in the program and said that, in her opinion, that video should be broadcast so that "all of Spain would witness that this murderer is a dangerous liar." In addition, she showed her discrepancy with her ex-husband, whom she accuses of hiding information, because she should make him aware of "absolutely everything and is not doing it".

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