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  • Russiagate, here is the Mueller report: "Trump has not committed crimes but is not immune to responsibility"


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 22 April 2019In the United States, after the Justice Department has published the Mueller Report almost entirely, political controversy continues between Democrats and Republicans, but President Donald Trump writes in a tweet: " Only crimes and very serious crimes they can lead to impeachment. I have not committed any crime (no collusion, no obstacle to justice), so you cannot impeach me ", thus removing the nightmare of being indicted during his mandate.

It took two years to prepare and draft the Mueller Report on Russiagate. This is a judicial investigation into the distorted manipulation and information campaign that would have been designed by Moscow to influence the 2016 US presidential elections and the possible relations between Trump and Russia. According to the report drafted by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, there is no evidence to support the suspicions of contacts and conspiracies between Tycoon and Moscow, according to the US press.

Almost all the content of the Mueller Report has been made public, with the exception of some parts that have remained secret to protect national security or because there are ongoing investigations by various federal prosecutors.

Despite everything, the diatribe continues in the US. The Democrats in the Congress want to continue to investigate in search of possible interference aimed at obstructing the investigation of Russian interference in the vote and the consequent crimes. The US president on Twitter replied: " It was the Democrats who committed crimes, not your Republican president. The facts about the Witch Hunt are finally being revealed ."

The response from the Democrats, despite the different views on how to proceed on the matter after the Mueller Report, was not long in coming. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that everyone agreed on the need to arrive at the truth about the behavior of President Donald Trump. Behavior deemed immoral and unscrupulous. According to Nancy Pelosi "the facts to be asked for can be acquired even outside the impeachment procedure". This "regardless of whether it is now incriminating or not."