The police have evacuated three houses in the village of Hoogkarspel in the North Holland because of an explosive at a scooter. The area around the scooter has been deposited.

The police and the Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD) have investigated on the spot. Around 3.25 pm it was announced that the object found was a real explosive.

The explosive has been protected by the EOD and is being exploded at another location.

People who live near the Nieuweweg are advised to stay indoors. The evacuated residents were taken care of elsewhere.

According to NH News , the investigation of the object at the scooter could be related to an attempt at a thud that took place in the night of Monday to Tuesday in Hoogkarspel. A number of men behaved suspiciously in the vicinity of an ATM at Raadhuisplein.

At present, three houses have been evacuated, residents have been taken in. Environment (+/- 100 meters) is deposited by the police. Residents of the area within the enclosure are requested to stay inside. Updates follow through this channel. More information later. #Hoogkarspel #Nieuweweg

Avatar AuthorPOL_NHNMoment of places11: 31 - 10 September 2019


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