“Indeed, Smolenkov worked in the presidential administration, but several years ago he was fired by internal order,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

As Peskov noted, Smolenkov’s position did not belong to the category of senior officials, “so-called designated posts”.

“This is the only thing I can say; I do not have other information. All these discussions of the American media about who urgently exported whom, from whom they saved, and so on - this, you know, is such a genre of Pulp Fiction - “Pulp Fiction,” he added.

Earlier, CNN, citing a source, wrote that US intelligence agencies in 2017 removed a “high-ranking informant” from Russia. He was allegedly evacuated due to the risk of his exposure due to the "careless attitude" of US leader Donald Trump to classified information.

Trump, commenting on the media, noted that he knows nothing about this.

At the same time, in managing the affairs of the Russian president, they emphasized that Smolenkov was not their employee.