Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong asked Germany shortly after his arrival in Berlin for more support for the democracy movement in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. "I hope people around the world are supporting people in Hong Kong who fight for freedom and free elections," the 22-year-old told the Bild newspaper . It was time for more people in Germany to concentrate on Hong Kong.

He drew parallels between the peaceful reunification movement in Germany and the struggle for freedom in Hong Kong. "If we are in a new Cold War, then Hong Kong is the new Berlin," he said. "And just because the Germans fought for freedom, especially in Berlin, I ask the Germans for help in our fight."

Wong also announced further resistance to the government in his homeland. The former British crown colony was now a bulwark between the free world and the "dictatorship of China," he said at an event in the Bild newspaper on the roof of the Reichstag. He made it clear that the pro-democracy movement would not allow itself to be lulled by the withdrawal of the controversial law that was supposed to allow for deliveries to China. At the event Wong spoke among others with Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD).

Arrest before traveling to Germany

Wong was first arrested at Hong Kong Airport on Sunday morning before his planned departure to Germany. He was accused of violating his bail conditions. After 24 hours, however, he was released and flew to Germany on Monday. Wong had been arrested for several hours at the end of August and released on bail.

The civil rights activist had recently been disappointed by Angela Merkel's visit to China. The Chancellor would have to express themselves more clearly and use for free elections, he said the picture on Sunday . The Chancellor had stated in China that the People's Republic should seek a peaceful solution in Hong Kong. On Wednesday, Wong will speak at an event of the Federal Press Conference on the situation in the Chinese Special Administrative Region.