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Here are the autumn's challenges for the parliamentary parties


Tax cuts, cooperation and the confidence of the party leader. These are some of the problems that the parliamentary parties are at risk of when autumn starts, according to SVT's Mats Knutson.

The Social Democrats

The challenge of the fall: Clear the debate on crime and tax cuts

When the Riksdag gathers, the Social Democrats will be squeezed from both right and left. The opposition on the right will accuse the government of acting insufficiently against gang crime and deadly violence. From the left, the criticism will be about unfair tax cuts that favor high-income earners and which, according to the left, are increasing the economic gaps in the country. Stefan Löfven is having a sweaty autumn.

Autumn Trump Card: The Economy

Despite the signs of an approaching recession, the Swedish economy is doing quite well. The strong public finances also create a space for the government to counter poor economic development. The low government debt gives room for an expansionary fiscal policy when the recession comes.

Green Party

Autumn's challenge: Confidence

Confidence in the party's speech tube is at the bottom. No other party leader has such low confidence in voters' eyes. This creates problems for the Environmental Party and is one of the reasons why the party does not raise public opinion, despite the fact that the climate issue has been on the lips of most voters in the past year. MP may have missed the opportunity again. Recently, the focus of the debate has shifted towards law and order, something that does not favor the party.

Autumn's trump card: The climate issue

The climate issue will continue to be important in Swedish politics, despite competition from law and order. This autumn's climate summit and Greta Thunberg's continued activities can once again spark momentum in the climate debate. That is what the MP can hope for not to be completely forgotten in this autumn's political debate.

The Center Party

The challenge of the autumn: Government cooperation

In the opinion of the Center Party, the government has done well in terms of opinion. But when the policy is now to be implemented, C risks criticism, not least for contributing to the reintroduction of the so-called free year and a new bank tax to which the party has previously been strongly critical.

Autumn trump card: Rural politics

Back to the roots is the motto as the Center Party now tries to adapt to the currents in the electorate. Much is about rural policy, where C now signals the start of a new political direction with reduced taxes and government intervention. However, learn to get it tough if the gasoline tax is raised at the same time!


Autumn's challenge: Lifting in opinion

Liberals are the great grief child in Swedish politics right now. After several years of unclear political priorities, voters have gradually moved away from the party. L balances on the parliamentary block despite the change of party leader earlier this summer. As yet, there are no clear signals about the political course which makes voters confused. Nyamko Sabuni has to create an opinion boom to avoid the crisis.

Autumn trump card: New party leader

Admittedly, Nyamko Sabuni has missed the chance that a new party leader has always left a mark on the political debate. But she is still new to her post and can therefore for a while take advantage of the curiosity that always exists for a new party leader. So the train has not gone yet.


Autumn's challenge: Opposition leader

The Moderates are still struggling to shake off the legacy of the December agreement. At the same time, the SD party is scouring the neck for the position as the second largest party. M will be tougher in his opposition role, which in turn will reduce the party's interest in cross-border settlements.

Autumn's trump card: The crime

It may sound cynical, but the debate about the serious crime may be Kristersson's springboard to win new voters after a few courageous years. M is the party that has the greatest confidence among voters in matters of law and order. This means that M can benefit from a debate being held on the party's home ground. However, watch out for the competition from SD.

The Christian Democrats

Autumn challenge: Stop the fall

KD wants to win voters who believe that the party has a much tougher policy than the parliament has actually decided on. This means that Ebba Busch Thor is trying to sound harsher in her rhetoric than she really has coverage for. The play on SD cooperation should be seen in the light of this strategy. For the party leadership, it is extra important to turn the summer's fall into an upswing. Otherwise, internal criticism threatens to grow.

Autumn Trump Card: The Party Leader's Popularity

Although KD is a relatively small party, party leader Ebba Busch Thor enjoys the greatest confidence among voters (Novus). It is a strength for the party and means increased opportunities to attract new voters when the abortion debate has now ceased.

Sweden Democrats

Autumn's challenge: Road selection in the opposition role

SD's maneuverability in the migration issue diminishes as other parties tighten their policies. The Migration Committee also provides a choice for SD: Political cleanliness or openness to compromise? When the government policy goes to the right, the SD must also rethink the approaches to the government. One way is to attack from the left, against, for example, the scrapped defense tax, to win dissatisfied S-voters.

Autumn trump card: Migration and crime

The deadly violence and the serious crime creates great opportunities for SD who has long had the toughest politics in this area. The exclusion from the government talks also creates a continuing martyr role and an opportunity to act as a commentator without their own political responsibility.

The Left

Autumn's challenge: Sot death

The left party risks soot deaths this fall when the party is no longer needed to create a majority behind the government's budget. A marginalized party also because the opposition is mainly on the right. It requires a high tone from Jonas Sjöstedt and his party mates who disposed of political power by releasing Löfven.

Autumn trump card: The party leader's confidence

The left has a large asset in Jonas Sjöstedt who sailed up as one of the party leaders the voters have the greatest confidence in. This means opportunities to win, not least, dissatisfied S-voters on the left who are critical of the government's tax cuts.

Source: svt

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