The week starts with mostly sunny periods and dry weather. Later in the day, showers can still occur in the north and west. It will be a maximum of 18 degrees.

This morning, commuters in the north and east of the country must pay attention because of fog banks. A few showers can occur along the coast very early in the morning.

KNMI expects it to clear up in the first half of the morning and break through the sun. Almost the entire country can enjoy the sunny, dry weather until late in the evening. Only in the north and east can a splash of rain fall.

In the night from Monday to Tuesday, local fog banks may arise again. For the time being it will remain dry the next day and the sun will be even more present.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Tuesday 19 ° 7 ° W 2
Wednesday 18 ° 9 ° ZW 5
Thursday 21 ° 13 ° SW 4
Friday 19 ° 14 ° NW 4
Saturday 18 ° 9 ° N 2