The tours around Zlatan Ibrahimovic's statue have been many. It was at the Football Gala 2016 that the Swedish Football Association told that Sweden's foremost male national team shooter of all time would be depicted and the plan was first that the statue would stand outside the national arena Friends in Solna.

But it will not.

Last summer the message came that the tribute to the football icon would instead be raised in the striker's hometown of Malmö and now it is confirmed that it will take place on October 8. The club council in Malmö clubbed it on Monday.

The venue will be Stadiontorget, between Malmö FF's old and new arena.

“I am very happy that my statue will be in Malmö. That was my wish from the very beginning. This is where it all started and this is where I have my heart, "Ibrahimovic said in a press release.

The 37-year-old, who is currently playing in the American Los Angeles Galaxy, will attend the unveiling himself along with representatives from the union, the City of Malmö and MFF. Artist Peter Linde will also be present.

"I'm proud and this is a great moment for me," says Ibrahimovic.

The statue has been ready for some time. It is several tons heavy and over three meters high and will face the new stadium.

“Through the placement, I think Zlatan has found a home. The statue will forever be the only major manifestation for Sweden's largest and one of the world's best football players of all time. I am very happy that we are soon on target, ”says the union's secretary general Håkan Sjöstrand.