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The Yellow Mountain .. A lost kingdom between Egypt and Sudan is controversial


An American woman of Lebanese descent sparked controversy after announcing what she called the "Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain" in a border area between Egypt and Sudan. The two countries refuse to recognize their ownership, amid official silence.

In a six-minute video that could not be independently verified, Nadera Awad Nassif, the prime minister of the kingdom, proclaimed herself from Odessa, Ukraine, after a "summit" she said was held there to announce the kingdom.

In her speech on Thursday, Nassif, who spoke Arabic, said: "The Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain will be a model country.

Nassif did not elaborate on the summit held in Ukraine announcing the establishment of the alleged kingdom, the king to be inaugurated, or those responsible for it.

On Sunday evening, she announced through her account - not authenticated - Twitter "receive citizenship applications," noting that there are basic formal procedures and conditions will be disclosed within days.

The so-called kingdom has only two accounts via Facebook and Twitter, as well as an inactive Web site that says it has a foreign ministry, according to Anatolia.

An introductory video of the alleged kingdom, carried by its YouTube account on Saturday, speaks that it is located in North Africa, within an area between Egypt and Sudan.

The area is estimated at 2060 km, and the video claims that it is a land permissible not claimed by any party or fall under the sovereignty of any state.

The video pointed to the occurrence in the area, "Bir al-Tawil" known as "Bartazuga Triangle."

Wandering area
According to Sudanese and Egyptian news reports, the legal status of the Partazuga Triangle is not recognized by Sudan or Egypt, and is located on the border between the two countries.

The reason why neither of the two countries claimed the region was because they both upheld the historic right of the Halayeb and Shalatin triangle, which at one point came into contact with the Bartazuga Triangle.

By virtue of the "Sudan Agreement" signed in 1899 between Egypt and Britain (based on the dual rule of Sudan at the time) Sudan was termed all the territory south of the 22 nm latitude. Egypt is based on that agreement to establish its sovereignty, which puts the Halayeb triangle inside the Egyptian border and places Partazuga area within the Sudanese border.

While Sudan is based on an administrative decision in 1902 entitled to Halaib and Shalatin, where issued by the head of the Egyptian interior at the time based on the existence of some tribes with a Sudanese dimension in the region, and Egypt did not object to this decision with the independence of Sudan and did not reserve the border, which puts a triangle Halaib inside the Sudanese border and puts a long well inside the Egyptian border.

Previous ownership
Previously, people claimed to have established countries in the region, which was announced on Thursday as the Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain.

Most notably, in July 2014, a US prosecutor named Jeremy Heaton owned it and called it the Kingdom of North Sudan, according to an interview with the BBC at the time.

Despite the anecdotal allegations and subsequent cynicism and questions about the national security of Sudan and Egypt, there was no official comment from Cairo and Khartoum about the ownership of the Bartazuga Triangle.

Source: aljazeera

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