On Monday, the British Parliament will vote on a new election to be held on October 15, the day after Parliament returns from almost a month's leave. After today's sitting, the British Parliament takes a disputed break on the initiative of Boris Johnson.

President John Bercow says that if Parliament votes for new elections today he will not run for office again. If it becomes no for new elections he will remain until the end of October.

Hope for people's support

On Monday, the Queen also signed the bill that prevents a hard Brexit, the last step for the law to take effect.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson now hopes to get a re-election on October 15 to get public support for his tough Brexit line. But the opposition parties have previously said they will vote against a new election. They wanted the new law that prevents a hard Brexit to come into force before making the decision. After that, you want to wait until later this fall to say yes to a possible new election.

The Conservative Party may lose

A later election may mean that the Conservative Party loses voters. Johnson and the Conservative Party still consider themselves to be in the opinion, but are guessed to be weaker and lose power to the Brexit Party if the election is held after the promised exit date.


SVT's Foreign Reporter Per Anders Engler investigates what is happening in British politics. Photo: Firat Celik