“This is a clear and strict implementation of the law. This is already the norm, I believe, in practice. The technology was developed during this year. It seems to me that this is a very positive and good measure of support, which follows from the law. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor in this case agree on the basis of forecast indicators for the birth of children, and each region sends such forecasts. These are estimated figures, and payments will be natural after the fact, ”the senator explained.

He noted that next comes the reconciliation of the numbers of allocated subsidies in fact and actually paid.

Ryazansky emphasized that benefits are better than one-time payments.

“The advantage of constant payments is that the family can count on them and plan their financial life,” he concluded.

Earlier, the Izvestia newspaper, citing calculations by the Ministry of Labor, said that in 2020 the government will allot 150 billion rubles for the payment of benefits to families in connection with the birth of their first child, the amount of the benefit will increase by 7% to 12 thousand rubles.