This is evidenced by data published by the Central Election Commission.

Thus, according to the results of processing more than 99% of the protocols, the current heads of regions win the elections: Andrei Bocharov in the Volgograd region (76.81%), Oleg Kuvshinnikov in the Vologda region (60.79%) and Vladimir Vladimirov in the Stavropol Territory (79.65% )

The provisional candidates also win the elections in the regions: self-nominees Alexander Beglov in St. Petersburg (processed 97.13% of the protocols - 64.57% of the vote), Igor Babushkin in the Astrakhan region (99.83% - 75.64%), Valery Limarenko in the Sakhalin Region (99.78% - 56.15%), Alexey Teksler in the Chelyabinsk Region (99.91% - 69.31%), Alexander Osipov in the Trans-Baikal Territory (99.89% - 89.61%).

Also, the provisional governor of the Lipetsk region, Igor Artamonov, wins the election of the head of the region (99.89% of the protocols processed, 67.29% of the votes), the acting head of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit wins with 81.07% of the votes (after processing 99.91% of the protocols) , acting governor of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov wins, gaining 80.86% after processing 99.90% of the protocols.

Denis Pasler also won in the Orenburg region - 65.94% of the vote, Andrei Chibis in the Murmansk region (60.07%), Radiy Khabirov in Bashkortostan (82.02%), Oleg Khorokhordin in the Altai Territory (58.82%) and Batu Khasikov in Kalmykia (82.86%).

Earlier, the chairman of United Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, said the party was satisfied with the election results.

As noted in United Russia, the election confirmed that the party has a "nuclear electorate" that produces results.