The powerful hurricane Faxai has reached the Japanese mainland in the night from Sunday to Monday. Wind speeds of more than 200 kilometers per hour are measured and almost a million people are without electricity, several international media write.

The majority of households without electricity would be in Tokyo, says a spokesperson for a major power plant. In and around the Japanese capital, public life has come to a halt due to the heaviest typhoon in years.

Japanese authorities advise the more than 36 million inhabitants of the region not to go outside unless it is strictly necessary. 390,000 residents were advised in advance to flee their home temporarily.

According to TV channel NHK, few people go to work. The train network in and outside of Tokyo has been shut down as a precaution and hundreds of flights at airports in the region have been canceled.

There are no reports yet about possible fatalities. There is a lot of damage and several rivers have been flooded. The Japanese Meteorological Agency warned in advance of "strong waves, landslides and floods".


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