The US has praised Mexico's efforts to stem illegal border crossings to America, while calling for further efforts from the neighboring country. "The Mexican government has taken significant and unprecedented steps to stem the illegal migration on our border," said US border agency chief executive Mark Morgan. But: "You have to do more," says Morgan. The Mexican government should not let up in its efforts, should not reduce the number of soldiers at the border and would have to cooperate with the US intelligence services.

Instead of 144,000 "only about 64,000 migrants"

At the beginning of June, the US and Mexico had signed an agreement. In it, the Mexican government undertook, inter alia, to curb the influx of Central American migrants to the United States through the use of the National Guard at its borders. As a result, the Mexican government sent around 25,000 National Guards to the borders with the US in the north and Guatemala in the south. With the agreement, Mexico turned away the punitive tariffs threatened by US President Donald Trump on all Mexican imports for the time being.

As late as May, US border police posted more than 144,000 people illegally crossing the border with Mexico. In August, according to Morgan, only about 64,000. This trend is encouraging, said the head of the agency. But if they let up, the numbers quickly went up again, he said. In addition, the US should not rely solely on foreign governments for this problem.

"This wall is needed"

A few days ago, a 90-day deadline expired, after which both sides wanted to discuss the previous effects of the agreement. US Vice President Mike Pence wants to discuss further steps on Tuesday in Washington with Mexico's foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard. Pence also writes on Twitter that there is still a lot to do.

Trump recently praised the Mexican government several times publicly. What she does on the border is "great," her help "far greater than anybody would have thought possible." Only a few months ago, the US president accused Mexico of not doing anything about illegal migration and taking advantage of the US.

Morgan also said the US government is pushing ahead with the construction of a border wall to Mexico. "This is not a prestige project," he said, referring to allegations that Trump was pursuing a pure ego trip with the construction of the wall. "This wall is needed."