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In Mali, MPs from the Bandiagara locality announced support for the banned Dan Nan Ambassagou group banned by the state. These elected officials in the center of the country also marked their astonishment after what they call "the last attack" against elements of this armed group "defending civilians".

For the Malian army, the raid last week in the center of the country, not far from the Bandiagara locality , aimed to protect the populations of illegally constituted armed gangs. But in front of the press, MPs from the locality of Bandiagara asserted that the operation was rather directed against a banned Dogon armed group named Dan Nan Ambassagou.

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" I do not understand, the people themselves do not understand. People are asking themselves this question and I, myself, have called the Minister of Security, "says Bocari Sagara, elected MP in Bandiagara.

For Amadou Diepkile, another MP from the same locality of Bandiagara, this banned militia is rather at the service of the population: " Dan Nan Ambassagou is a self-defense group because the army can not secure our fellow citizens. That's why Dan Nan Ambassagou is there. "

Also present in front of the press, the president of the Dogon youth of the same locality. If the state wants, he says, the disappearance of this militia dreaded by some, we must install military camps everywhere to secure everyone.

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