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Bernard Cazeneuve (here at Le Mans in May 2017) makes his political comeback with the socialist militants. JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP

The return to the front of the political scene of Bernard Cazeneuve continues. After speaking to socialist parliamentarians last Thursday in Avignon, former Minister of the Interior François Hollande went to meet about 1500 activists gathered yesterday, Sunday, September 8, 2019, for the Feast of the Rose de Marraussan, in the Hérault.

with our special correspondent in Maraussan, Marine de la Moissonnière

The fanfare may well string the tubes, socialist activists are always big on the heart. The recent electoral failures - the latest being 6.19% for European women last May - still weigh on morale.

So they appreciate that Bernard Cazeneuve came to remotiver them by talking about the importance of public services, the misdeeds of globalization or the role of the school. The message of the former Socialist Prime Minister was the same as in Avignon a few days earlier: I'm just here to participate in the ideological reconstruction of the PS, that's all.

" He embodies the future for the left, the whole of the left not only the socialist party because he has a skeleton statesman," says Patrice who begins to dream of tomorrow that sing grace to the former minister. And today, "in the 'human resources of the left today' he is alone enough to embody something for the future," adds Patrice.

Bernard Cazeneuve, candidate of a united left in 2022? " I say no! Claude, an activist from the beginning, knows that the road is long. " He straightens the PS first and then we'll see . "

The necessary ecological transition

In his speech - a real campaign speech - Bernard Cazeneuve, author of a tribune on the "ecological and social transition" in Le Monde a few days ago, outlined the outlines of a program that gives pride of place to ecology.

Find my speech at #Maraussan on my Facebook account https://t.co/tp7ESiM1uP pic.twitter.com/2hwUCH3FNU

Bernard Cazeneuve (@BCazeneuve) September 8, 2019

For Denis, this is the direction to go. " The world has changed and we can not reason with speeches and slogans that we had thirty years ago, it is not possible! "

Precisely, it's been thirty years that Bernard Cazeneuve is doing politics. Will this faithful François Hollande succeed in giving a new breath to the PS? Everyone in the party is not convinced, but many have decided to give him a chance. For lack of better, maybe ...

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