It is noted that, compared with 2017, in the subjects of Russia, in particular, the unemployment rate has decreased, the average job search time has decreased, and salaries have increased. In total, nine indicators were analyzed in the calculation.

According to the study, the leaders in the current list are Moscow and St. Petersburg. In these cities, the corresponding labor market index exceeds 90 points. The third position in the ranking is occupied by the Moscow region with 81.3 points. The top five also included Ugra (78 points) and Tatarstan (72.2 points).

At the same time, in Tuva and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the index value was less than 20 points. Poor performance was also demonstrated by Ingushetia, Kalmykia and Altai. According to the criteria of specialists, these regions scored 22.7, 23.4 and 23.9 points, respectively.

Earlier, the All-Russian Research Institute of Labor of the Ministry of Labor of Russia, according to preliminary results of the 2019 survey, identified the ten most sought-after professions of skilled workers and mid-level specialists.

On August 5, Oleg Shein, member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans' Affairs, told URA.RU that 15 million Russian citizens may be left without work in the future due to the lack of demand for their professions in the market.