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Díaz Ayuso blames independence for having "sunk" economically to Catalonia


Isabel Díaz Ayuso says that Madrid does not want to grow at the expense of Catalonia: "I want us to grow together with Catalonia. Because together we are stronger." If a few days ago the president

Isabel Díaz Ayuso says that Madrid does not want to grow at the expense of Catalonia: "I want us to grow together with Catalonia. Because together we are stronger." If a few days ago the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, delivered a conference in Madrid, in which he linked the ruling of the Supreme Court to a new independence challenge with a "we will do it again", this Monday it was his turn in Barcelona to the president of the Community of Madrid, who said: "The drift of the independence process worries me."

Before a good part of Catalan businessmen in a New Economy Forum breakfast, Díaz Ayuso has assured that "joining the independentistas is the worst mistake made by that part of the Catalan business that has abandoned its slogans. Companies cannot live or of subsidies, or favors, much less political slogans contrary to reason . " In this sense, he has detailed that "Catalonia has ceased to be among the first European regions because of the independence, which has sunk it", and has torra Torra his claim on "non-cooperation with Justice" as an "obligation moral ", since it harms the attraction of investors:" It will not be the independence leaders who seek employment for the new generations of Catalans ".

However, Díaz Ayuso, who considers that his presence in Barcelona is not a "provocation at the gates of Diada", has extended his hand to Catalan businessmen by stating that "Madrid does not want to grow at the expense of Catalonia. I want us to grow together to Catalonia. Because together we are stronger. " Before a possible industrial crisis, as according to the leader of the PP exemplify the collapse of vehicle registrations or the weakness of the demand for electricity, he also stressed that "times of anxiety are approaching, in Catalonia and throughout Spain, and this time yes we must be prepared. "

"Between Madrid and Barcelona we generate almost 40% of the wealth of Spain. We have a shared responsibility when it comes to giving political answers to the height of the circumstances from the autonomous field, the closest to businessmen and citizens in general" , said Díaz Ayuso, who has detailed that Catalonia "is the region with the highest fiscal pressure and the one with the most taxes."

That is why, after qualifying Catalonia as "sister", he has assured that, "in a globalized world, in which transport costs evolve downwards and regulatory and even tariff barriers are less and less important," the location decision business "increasingly has more to do with the generation of additional value for its products, such as security, stable governments and freedoms."

In this sense, Díaz Ayuso has proposed the creation of a platform of Catalan and Madrid companies whose objective is to work together to attract investment, now that Brexit opens up opportunities with all the companies based in London that want to remain in the European Union. Along with this, he has talked about other proposals such as attending business forums jointly or exchanging employees between Madrid and Catalan companies. To strengthen these alliances, the president of the Community of Madrid believes that the attraction of investors goes through "the biggest tax cut in history" and offset the tax pressure of the socialist government.

On a possible "fiscal war" between communities, Díaz Ayuso has reiterated that lowering taxes is the best way to generate employment and that "fiscal competition is healthy", so that autonomies must "take an example" and "instead to impose fiscal harmonization, they must be creative and not attack private initiative but seek recesses for collection. " In addition, he added that he believes in "a national country project in which the autonomies are not managed with regionalism and all Spaniards must have the same services regardless of where they live." However, he said: "I do not want Madrid to grow from another autonomous community and we must compete with other countries where Brexit opportunities can do well if we are not up to it."

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