Health studies confirm that it is necessary to rely on a balanced diet in order to have a healthy body, and to maintain a healthy brain.

The use of processed foods is linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, obesity and various types of cancerous tumors, according to the report published by the Russian FBR website.

Here are offered some nutritional products and habits that may hurt brain health:

1- Saturated fat and refined sugar
A 2015 study found that college students who consume more fat and refined sugar suffer from poor memory than other students.

2- Sugary drinks
According to the dietitian, carbonated drinks and other processed juices, which contain a high proportion of sugar, are among the worst nutrients that can be eaten, as they negatively affect brain function.

In 2012, a study in the Oklahoma Health Journal confirmed that a high-fructose diet impaired memory and learning ability. In this regard, said d. "Our results show that what you eat affects your thinking," said Fernando Gomez Pinilla, professor of neurosurgery at the University of California School of Neurology.

3. Fish with a high mercury content
Although fish intake is recommended, excessive consumption of high-mercury fish can be harmful to the body. These include swordfish, tuna and sharks.

Some studies show the negative effects of high mercury, which can disrupt the central nervous system and neurotransmitters, as well as stimulate the brain's harmful neurotoxins. It is also advised to avoid this type of fish during pregnancy, since excess mercury can cause delays in fetal development.

What you eat affects how you think.

Processed foods
According to a study published in 2014, a diet rich in unhealthy ingredients - like those found in processed foods - led to a decrease in sugar metabolism in the brain and a decrease in brain tissue.

5 - drinking wine