UN Criminal Justice Conference Symposium September 8 at 16:44 in preparation for next year's Kyoto

At the symposium for the UN conference to discuss international crime countermeasures in Kyoto next year, Minister of Justice Yamashita pointed out that "It is a very big meeting to discuss the ideal way of international cooperation and adopt UN guidelines." He called for increased interest.

The UN Criminal Prevention Criminal Justice Conference, where relevant ministers from various countries discuss international crime countermeasures, is held once every five years, and the next meeting will be held in Kyoto next April.

A symposium was held in Kyoto on the 8th to increase the momentum for the success of the conference, and Minister of Justice Yamashita and Governor Nishiwaki of Kyoto Prefecture attended.

Mr. Yamashita said, “It is a very large meeting where criminal justice officials gather from all over the world to discuss international cooperation and adopt a political declaration as a guideline for the United Nations. "Said.

In addition, about the establishment of a forum for discussion by the younger generation in line with the conference, “Young people around the world who are responsible for the future will discuss seriously, overcome the differences, find common answers, and establish international partnerships. “It ’s very significant to build,” he said.