British tanker captured in the Iranian Holmes Strait to release near 9:09 on September 9

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the British-registered tanker captured in the Holmes Strait of Persian Gulf in July will be released soon.

In July, Iran's elite and revolutionary defense forces seized British-registered tankers in the Holmes Strait in the Persian Gulf for failing to comply with international navigation rules, and then continued to detain the ships.

On this day, Iran's foreign ministry spokeswoman Musabi said on the 8th, “We are taking the necessary steps to release captured British tankers. ”And unveiled the prospect that the tanker will be released soon.

In the case of Iran and Britain, British Gibraltar also seized Iranian tankers, and both sides were holding on to each other for more than a month. Released.

As the US intensifies pressure through economic sanctions, Iran continues to discuss economic support measures with France and others, which remain in the framework of the nuclear agreement.

For this reason, it is likely that Iran's willingness to maintain relations with European countries in the development of procedures for the release of British tankers.