According to the agency, the participants of the rally agreed by the authorities hold banners with the slogans "President [USA Donald] Trump, protect us!" And "Give democracy in Hong Kong!"

It is emphasized that the demonstrators handed over to the American diplomats a petition calling on the White House to pass a legislative act and exert sanction pressure on the government of China and Hong Kong to "respect democratic rights and freedoms."

Thousands of protesters, some carrying American flags, marched through central Hong Kong calling on US lawmakers to pass a bill defending the city's autonomy (via @TicToc)

- Bloomberg (@business) September 8, 2019

On September 7, police clashed with protesters in Hong Kong, according to media reports, 19 people were hospitalized.

Anti-government protests continue in Hong Kong for the 14th consecutive week. Authorities have already announced their decision to withdraw the extradition bill, which led to unrest.

In late August, the PRC government strongly protested the White House and some US congressmen for supporting detainees in Hong Kong. The Chancellery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Hong Kong also accused the US of “criminal activity” in the territory of the Chinese region.