Sharjah misdemeanor court has tried a case in which three teenagers of Arab nationality were accused of stealing a famous electronics store in the emirate, after they agreed on a plan to steal two branches of the shop.

The details of the case date back to July 2, when the defendants agreed that they were friends to steal electronic devices and phones from two branches of a famous shop in the Emirate of Sharjah. The robbery, in addition to the shadow of the second and third accused of the security men to be able to steal the store easily, as they were able to steal the devices from the traffickers and sold, and then they were caught after reviewing the cameras and the police knew them.

The court confronted the defendants with the charges against them, confessing to the first that he had sold them and handed copies of the arrival of the sale for investigations, while the second and third denied the participation of the accused of theft.

In turn, the Public Prosecution requested the conviction of the accused, while the court decided to postpone the case to submit the defense to September 17 next.