For their "return", a few thousand yellow vests gathered in several major cities, such as Montpellier, where clashes quickly broke out and a municipal police car was burned.

A thick smoke, unbreathable, quickly invaded a shopping street in the prefecture of Herault, where a police car, without occupants, was burned, said an AFP journalist. Several storefronts were also vandalized.

According to the prefecture of Herault, which counted 500 "black blocks" approximately in the procession, it is demonstrators who opened the door of the police vehicle and threw a molotov cocktail.

The event gathered 2,000 (according to the prefecture) to 5,000 people (according to the organizers).

Around 17H00, the prefecture reported seven arrests, including throwing projectiles - cobblestones and pyrotechnic devices, but no injuries reported.

800 demonstrators in Paris

In Rouen too, where any gathering was banned in the city center, clashes erupted during the demonstration of Yellow Vests, supported by the CGT of Seine-Maritime, leading to two arrests, according to the prefecture.

In Paris, the epicenter of Saturday's demonstrations for several months, more than 800 people gathered, told the press Didier Lallemant, prefect of police in Paris, is "a figure low enough but significantly higher than last week ".

The prefecture said that 89 people had been arrested and about fifty verbalized in the area of ​​the Champs-Elysees where the demonstration took place overall in the calm.

In Bordeaux, a time "stronghold" of the movement, several hundred "yellow vests" demonstrated. Some demonstrators regretted not being able to approach the Parc des Expositions, in the north of the city, where is held for two days, under very high police supervision, the Campus of the Territories of the Republic in March (LREM). "We wanted to debate peacefully with the LREM", according to David Poulain, who chairs a group of "Yellow Vests Constructives".

In Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg and Dijon, the processions counted several hundred people.

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