Åsa Rising is the clinic manager at the animal hospital in Sundsvall and Östersund. She says it is common for dogs to suffer from diarrhea.

- We always have dogs with diarrhea and vomiting or bloody diarrhea. But it is impossible to say if the dogs we care for now have the same infection as Norway, she says and continues:

- We are extra careful now, especially if the dogs have been in Norway or if Norwegian dogs are here and hunting.

Worried dog owners call vet

Many dog ​​owners are worried about the news of the deaths in Norway and many call a veterinarian to consult.

- There are many concerned about hearing. People who have a dog with diarrhea think that's what the dog got, says the clinic manager.

What has caused the disease in Norway is still clear.

- The whole veterinarian-Sweden and Norway scratch their heads over this. We have no idea what this is about. In Norway, dogs that have died have been found and two intestinal bacteria have been found, but it is not certain that this is the cause of disease.

What do you do with sick dogs coming in to you?

- We isolate dogs that may have a suspected disease, we are a little extra cautious. We also save stool samples. But we treat dogs based on the symptoms they have, we always do.

"Use common sense"

Should dog owners in Sweden be worried about this?

- No. You should only use common sense. If you lived in the area where dogs died I would be worried and extra careful, but not otherwise.

- The dogs may not have to smell the poop if it can be avoided, but in general you need not be worried. Not yet, says Åsa Rising.