07 September 2019 The ROS police officers and the financiers of the GICO of L'Aquila are executing a precautionary custody order against 10 people. Among these - 8 of Tunisian origin and 2 Italian - also the imam of the Dar Assalam mosque in Martinsicuro (Te) and an Italian accountant. All are under investigation for tax crimes and self-laundering, for the purpose of terrorism.

Through some companies, they distracted huge sums of money, partly the result of tax evasion, to be used also to finance activities attributable to the radical Islamic organization "Al-Nusra", as well as to imams in Italy, one of whom was already convicted of final route for association with international terrorism purposes.

The seizure of over € 1 million in real estate and assets is also underway. The investigation is coordinated and directed by the Antimafia and Antiterrorism District Directorate of L'Aquila.

Funding arrived in Syria
The flows of financing for terrorism through a series of intermediate steps - in Germany, Belgium and England - reached Syria. This is what was ascertained by the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza as part of the Zir operation, which led to the issuance of the precautionary custody orders.

Interception: "They kill our children, we theirs"
"What a blow though in Paris, eh ... I hold my opinion for myself and keep it in my heart". This is what we hear in an interception related to a conversation between two of the suspects in Abruzzo for terrorism financing activities in which religious radicalism emerges. "It is not the question to believe or not to believe - says one - if you liked it or did not like it. With them who kill our children we kill their children, with them who kill our women we kill their women".