Suspicion of rigging in exhaust gas regulation standards US Department of Justice Honda to investigate four companies such as Honda September 7 10:48

The US Department of Justice has begun investigating the possibility that Japanese Honda and four European automakers have agreed with California, the United States, on the standards for emission regulations for automobiles.

The problem is the standards of “exhaust gas and fuel consumption regulations” that Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford have agreed with California in July.

According to multiple media in the United States, the Justice Department has begun investigating this agreement, arguing that it violates the "antitrust law" that is the Japanese antitrust law.

On this day, Honda's American corporation revealed that it would cooperate with the Justice Department's investigation.

In the United States, since becoming a Trump administration, the exhaust emission regulations for automobiles have been greatly relaxed, and as a result, manufacturers have to change the cars sold according to different standards in each state.

For this reason, the four companies agreed with California, which is positive about strict regulations, and called on other manufacturers to expand the same standards throughout the United States. There is a possibility of receiving.