Dubai Public Prosecutor Investigations has reported that a "despicable motive" was behind the change of delivery agent inside a building and harassed him by a 12-year-old girl after he followed her inside the elevator and claimed he did not know where to deliver a package he was carrying in his hand. Out.

An Asian teacher said that the victim came to her residence on the day of the incident to strengthen her math, but she forgot the papers and returned to the building where she lives to bring the papers, and when she returned again, she was pale and crying and trembling.

The teacher asked her what happened. The girl admitted that it was him, which prompted the teacher to yell at him and ask him why he was doing this.The victim was crying so badly, and the teacher saw one of the neighbors and asked him to accompany the accused to the guard's room, and contacted the child's mother.

The security guard said that the victim lived in the neighboring building, and frequented his building to visit the teacher, and was on the way to the sixth floor, but went down on the fifth floor by mistake, and when she returned to the elevator was followed by the accused and harassed, pointing out that the accused working in a company He was aware of the expulsion he was carrying.

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