Osnabrück (dpa) - The Fantastic Four got help writing the songs of their current album. "One will eventually become blinded," said rapper Thomas D in an interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

That's why the band got their lyrical help for the first time. "It was vital." As for the result on the album "Captain Fantastic," Thomas D continued, "Getting involved with the ideas of others has led to an album that sounds fresher and funnier than we could have done alone. Suddenly you start walking again with this walker. »

The Fantastic Four have been band members for 30 years and now all over 50. "It's about us and the question: what do we have to tell the world at age 50, which is authentic at the same time?" Said Thomas D. "We do not want sound like old men, we want to go. »