In the spring, the Nature Conservation Society launched the campaign "Operation: Save the bees" to get people to get involved with the bees and reverse the negative trend.

- There are species that are acutely threatened with extinction, hopefully it turns now that the Swedish people have opened their eyes to bees as many have started to build wild bee hotels, says Hans Rydberg.

Species about to disappear

According to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, one third of Sweden's 270 wild bee species are about to disappear. But the campaign seems to have produced results. So far, more than 10,000 rescue efforts have been carried out around the country. And Gnesta is the best in the country with its 59 rescue efforts in relation to the municipality's population.

Increased knowledge about bees

- There are many local initiatives here in Gnesta, including the Frustuna congregation which has made several efforts.

The study also shows that people's knowledge of the situation of bees has increased.

What is required to make a bet?

- You should preferably have a garden with many flowers so the bees have something to eat and then wild bee hotels are also needed. Here in Gnesta we have plenty of gardens compared to the big city municipalities, says Hans Rydberg.